About Me

Who are you, Stephanie?

Wow, well that’s intense.

Who am I? I’m thirty-five, living on the west-coast with my adorable black cat, Onyx, and day-dreaming about my incredible & supportive boyfriend. I’m a self-published author and aim to keep popping out books until somehow my inspiration well runs dry (spoiler alert: it won’t). I spend every lunch break and hours after work perfecting my craft, plotting on how to ruin my character’s lives, and making aesthetics like I know what I’m doing.

I have a background in tourism, sales, the beauty industry, and healthcare—but here I am, writing. I’m obsessed with ghosts, the after-life, and eighteenth-century Europe. My favorite color is red, my favorite place is the Eiffel Tower, and my favorite movie to quote is Mean Girls. I cannot live without coffee and red wine is my alcohol of choice.

I gather inspiration from everything: words, song lyrics, colors, expressions, names, street names, TV shows, movies, household objects (I wish I was kidding). So be careful—anything you show/say to me may be transformed into a story.

I’m a firm cheerleader for Wattpad, where I slowly gather more and more readers—all of whom constantly give me memorable feedback, encourage me to keep going, and applaud my successes. It’s a wonderful free platform, though I strive to one day publish most of my books or submit them to their “Paid Program”.

EDIT: I am now a Wattpad Star!! Look out world!

In 2018, my book The Golden Flower was featured on the 2018 Watty’s Long-list, and I’ve also won lesser-known awards on the website, judged contests, and been a part of multiple book & critique clubs.

Oh: here’s where to find me on Wattpad -> StephRose1201

I speak fluent French, having lived in the Paris region for nearly twelve years. All things French & Eiffel Tower & Parisian monuments are my life. Oh, and if you need help with learning the language or with translating a little phrase or two for your novel, I’m your girl.

For me, writing is not a hobby, it’s my life.

Got a question for me? ASK IT. I love giving more information about my creative process and discussing my works. I’m an ambivert—meaning I hang in the balance between introvert & extrovertso though I can be super quiet, I love rambling about stuff that’s important to me. So, want to know what TV shows I’ve been binging since Game of Thrones ended? Want to know what songs I jam to while I’m writing? Interested in my favorite foods and snacks? GO for it.

Interested in viewing my social media platforms? I’m very active on most of them and post content/aesthetics/quotes/fun stuff on a regular basis! Check out my linktr.ee to connect:

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