Stephanie Rose

Stephanie Rose is an award-winning indie/self-published author living on the west-coast with her energetic tuxedo kitten, Crowley, and her incredible and supportive boyfriend, Matt.
She’s a multi-genre writer, but has found her preference in paranormal horror, mythology mystery, dramatic historical fiction, spicy, steamy romance, and colorful LGBTQ+ fantasy.

Though she has a background in tourism, sales, the beauty industry, and healthcare, it’s the writing community that she chose to pursue her dreams in. She gathers inspiration from everything: words, song lyrics, colors, current events, expressions, names, street names, TV shows, movies, household objects. Be careful—anything you show/say to her might be transformed into a story.

Aside from her self-published books, Stephanie is also a writer & creator for Wattpad, an online platform where readers can find stories for free, and support writers by paying small fees (in the form of coins) to unlock chapters and special content. Stephanie has been active on that platform since 2014 and has been growing her audience ever since; her historical fiction series, The Golden Universe (comprised of one main series and two spin-offs) has earned her constant praise from readers around the world, and even a long-list placement in the 2018 Watty Awards (The Golden Flower), as well as a short-list placement in the 2021 Watty Awards (A Brazen Maiden). Wattpad is an important piece of her life, and she’s often striving to find new content to post there (but don’t worry, she always prevails!).

Stephanie is a world-traveler, and feels at home on an airplane or wandering through airports. She was born in London, England, where she lived until she was three. She then moved to Ohio for six years, and from there returned to Europe—to a Paris, France region where she lived until she was twenty-one. She later shifted her entire life to Nevada, where she’s been residing since 2008. She speaks fluent French, and often infuses French terms or expressions in her novels, or gives her characters French backgrounds. Reach out to her if you need assistance with any French translation needs!

In her books, you’ll mostly find romantic tension, explicit language, ghosts, mentions—or visions—of the afterlife, quite disturbing gory scenes, glorious eighteenth-century dresses of vivid colors, mouth-watering descriptions of food, and strong female characters. She’s also a firm advocate for the LGBTQ+ community (being pansexual/demi-sexual herself) and has recently been writing more and more diverse characters that she hopes her readers can relate to.

When she’s not writing—which is rare—she can be found reading (historical fiction, paranormal, epic fantasy, some romance, some sci-fi), listening to music, playing video games, binge-watching TV shows, venturing to the many festivals in her town, or going on spur-of-the-moment road trips with her boyfriend and his daughter. She day-dreams of the Eiffel Tower, her favorite place in the world, and overdoses on coffee while wishing to someday do nothing but write, write, write.

Stephanie will keep popping out books until her inspiration well runs dry—but, spoiler alert: it likely won’t.

She’s always open to giving advice (though she doesn’t think she’s the best suited to give it) and discussing all things writing and reading, with fellow authors or with readers. She can be reached through any of her social media platforms, or by e-mail.

Here is where to find her on Wattpad -> StephRose1201

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