About Me

Who are you, Stephanie?

Wow, well that’s intense.

Who am I? I’m thirty-four, living on the west-coast with my adorable black cat, Onyx, and day-dreaming about my incredible & supportive boyfriend. I’m a self-published author (see my CARNIVOROUS CUPID book page) and aim to keep popping out books until somehow my inspiration well runs dry (spoiler alert: it won’t). I spend every lunch break and hours after work perfecting my craft, plotting on how to ruin my character’s lives, and making aesthetics like I know what I’m doing.

I have a background in tourism, sales, the beauty industry, and healthcare—but here I am, writing. I’m obsessed with ghosts, the after-life, and eighteenth-century Europe. My favorite color is red, my favorite place is the Eiffel Tower, and my favorite movie to quote is Mean Girls. I cannot live without coffee and red wine is my alcohol of choice.

I gather inspiration from everything: words, song lyrics, colors, expressions, names, street names, TV shows, movies, household objects (I wish I was kidding). So be careful—anything you show/say to me may be transformed into a story.

I’m a firm cheerleader for Wattpad, where I slowly gather more and more readers—all of whom constantly give me memorable feedback, encourage me to keep going, and applaud my successes. It’s a wonderful free platform, though I strive to one day publish most of my books or submit them to their “Paid Program”.

EDIT: I am now a Wattpad Star!! Look out world!

In 2018, my book The Golden Flower was featured on the 2018 Watty’s Long-list, and I’ve also won lesser-known awards on the website, judged contests, and been a part of multiple book & critique clubs.

Oh: here’s where to find me on Wattpad -> StephRose1201

I speak fluent French, having lived in the Paris region for nearly twelve years. All things French & Eiffel Tower & Parisian monuments are my life. Oh, and if you need help with learning the language or with translating a little phrase or two for your novel, I’m your girl.

For me, writing is not a hobby, it’s my life.

Got a question for me? ASK IT. I love giving more information about my creative process and discussing my works. I’m an ambivert—meaning I hang in the balance between introvert & extrovertso though I can be super quiet, I love rambling about stuff that’s important to me. So, want to know what TV shows I’ve been binging since Game of Thrones ended? Want to know what songs I jam to while I’m writing? Interested in my favorite foods and snacks? GO for it.