What I’m working on


Hi friends! Long time, no update! Apologies — my day-job is hectic and I barely have a chance to catch my breath at the end of every day. Dealing with supreme stress and struggling with book sales — not fun.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? I am, of course. I’ve already gotten to 27K words written in the 3rd novel in my VANISHED series, DISPERSED. It’s a bit of a mess; but that’s what first drafts are supposed to be like, right?

Aside from that, here’s what I’m working on now:

• writing the 3rd book in the ANGRY GREEK GODS series whenever I have a moment. Already halfway through and loving it. I can’t wait to share some excerpts with you.

• eagerly waiting for my final beta-reader to return her edits/notes for POISONOUS PSYCHE, so I can hurry and get everything fixed & formatted and ready for pre-sales! I know you’re all waiting (like, all 10 of you, maybe?!) for the continuation of the story, and let me tell you; the betas LOVED it and wanted more! I’m super excited for this release at the end of the year, or early next year!

• preparing to seriously request beta readers for GHOST PORTAL. Once P.Psyche is good to go, I’ll be reaching out to any who signed up for GHOST PORTAL beta-reading, and seeing if anyone else is interested! Things will be a little different for this series, as I’m planning to try publishing it through Ingram Spark, instead of Amazon. I really want to see this—and all my novels, of course—on bookshelves and not restricted to Amazon.

• trying (and failing) to save money to buy a bulk of ISBN’s so I can start converting all my works to MY OWN. But they’re expensive $$$$ and I’m poor (ok not poor but I’m unable to save ANYTHING)

• preparing to review/rewrite the second novella in the SUITS series; it’s written, but will need edits based on beta-reading from WILD CARD.

• OH — MY GOODNESS — how did I forget?!?!

WILD CARD RELEASES ON 11/15/21!!!!!!!!

Gosh, I’m so excited for this! My betas loved it, and I somehow did a decent job with the cover creation, and so far it’s received decent reviews from a handful of my ARC readers. This little novella about dimensional travel and adventure is something I’m super proud of and super anxious to see out in the real world!!! See its page on my website for more details ♥

There we have it, friends! These are more or less my priorities, but that’s not to say I’m not working on 50,000 other things at the same time; because this is what I do.

Much love to all ♥


Little update today, friends!

Due to deleting all the GHOST PORTAL novels from Wattpad, I also lost all the blurbs for the books… so I’ve been working on rewriting those. Here’s the one I’ve been stuck with so far:

“That haunted house you entered a few years ago. You barely survived that, yes?”

Jessamine, a dancer with a traumatizing past, uses music as her therapy to forget what happened to her three years ago. She’s mostly moved on with her life—until greedy paranormal investigator Avery stumbles upon her story, and comes knocking on her door, begging to visit the location that terrified her into silence. The adventure-hungry and truth-seeking man soon finds out that only Jessamine knows the exact coordinates—and she refuses to give them to him, to protect him.

But as Avery conducts his own investigation without her help, all the while seducing and wooing her into spilling some of her spooky secrets, he realizes there’s a deeper meaning to what occurred to her in the haunted house she so sorely declines to share with him. And instead of being deterred and afraid, he pushes her more, desperate to uncover what sort of creatures dwell in the house, paralyzing her so.

His pushing leads to answers neither of them were ready to receive, and entwines their destinies in a terrifying tangle that will change their lives—forever.

What do you think?

ALSO, hoping to revamp the covers, and was wondering… what would you, the readers, like to see as the cover of a book going with the above blurb? What would prompt you to pick this up in a store/online and read the back? Ghost Portal isn’t, though the title implies it, about ghosts; it’s more about the potential for after-life, portals in haunted houses, benevolent beings guiding spirits to their after-lives, and evil creatures locked in basements. It follows Jessamine & Avery, who definitely (SPOILER ALERT) develop a romantic attraction, and shows how their fates are linked, but not in a good way. Paranormal mystery romance, I guess?

For reference, this was the initial cover, but I don’t really like it anymore:

YOUR INPUT IS VALUED! Feel free to drop a comment and let me know!


Hi friends! If you’re here, you must be curious. Right?

I’m swamped with things to do, now that I’ve received a ton of incredible advice from my friends on TikTok. Let me tell you, the BookTok community and the author/writer community there is insanely wonderful and readily available to help, especially us indie authors. I’ve been so, so happily surprised at the response I received on several of my videos.

Are you following me on TikTok?! Because I post often & chat about my struggles & promote my work there; click here to find me 🙂

Anyway, on to what I’m working on (since that’s why you ventured to this page):

  • promotion for CARNIVOROUS CUPID. I’ve made a list of readers/authors who mentioned they were interested in reviewing the novel in exchange for a free copy… but ALSO received messages and comments from peeps who already bought or wanted to buy the novel to support me! Now I get to put that list in order, and wait for pay-day to start sending copies/e-copies out…
  • waiting for feedback from beta readers for WILD CARD. My novella WILD CARD should be coming out in a few months (maybe sooner?) and I have a wonderful team of readers checking it out for me at this time. If you’re interested in signing up for a potential ARC, see my sign-up page!
  • waiting for feedback from beta readers for POISONOUS PSYCHE. The sequel in the ANGRY GREEK GODS series is ready for review! I’ve started sending it to my awesome team of beta readers, and am excited to hear back from them. I expect/hope to release POISONOUS PSYCHE toward the end of this year or in January 2023. I’ll be setting up a sign-up for ARC’s shortly!
  • writing the second spin-off in the GOLDEN UNIVERSE. YES, I’m working on Cordelia’s spin-off, AT LAST! It’ll have 30 chapters, and I just finished chapter 10 yesterday. It’s a LOT of work, but I’m loving writing from her point-of-view.
  • querying for GHOST PORTAL + preparing for eventual self-publishing. I’m putting up a message on Wattpad today to notify all readers that I’ll be removing this story so I can focus on publishing it! I’m awaiting responses from two queries I submitted for PitMad, and if they come back negative, then I’ll be re-working the covers for the series and starting my search for beta readers! I’ll set up a sign-up when the time comes ♥
  • posting EXPLICIT on Wattpad. I’ve only got 4 chapters left! Brainstorming has already begun for book 3, but I’m unsure when I’ll be able to write it.
  • (im)patiently waiting for the WATTY’s to end. I submitted THE GOLDEN FLOWER, VANISHED, A BRAZEN MAIDEN, and ILLICIT to this enormous Wattpad contest, and once the results are out, I’ll know more about what I’d like to do with those novels!

DAMN, I’m a busy bee, aren’t I? I wish I could say that this doesn’t happen often, but… it does. As a multi-genre writer with an overactive imagination, I NEVER STOP. Help.

Take care ♥