The VANISHED series

Paranormal / LGBTQ+


Twenty-two-year-olds Arielle Daniels and Stella Sullivan go on an east-coast ghost-hunting tour to honor their recently deceased best friend, Jade, whose death remains a mystery—only her parents know the circumstances, and they refuse to tell anyone.

Stella just wants to pay her respects by following Jade’s bucket-list; but Arielle wants real, palpable answers: what happens after death? Why has she lost so many loved ones? And how exactly did Jade die?

In the midst of their journey, Arielle’s feelings are hard to tie down; she might have been in love with Jade, but now… she has no way to be sure, and no idea how to reveal this to Stella—or anyone else, for that matter.

As they travel, the girls discover more about themselves than they anticipated, both forced to come to terms with their emotions; Arielle to accept her bisexuality, and Stella to acknowledge her heritage as the descendant of a long line of psychic mediums.

But the trip takes on an eerie tone when they get more than they bargained for; and swallow up more occult knowledge than either ever expected to find in their lifetimes.

NaNoWriMo 2019 project – first in the VANISHED series

Hi folks! Yes, a new project! ♥ After some difficulties querying my science-fiction Home (which I have taken down from Wattpad & from here) & some issues editing Ghost Portal… I decided to sort of… combine the two?

VANISHED came into mind after one-too-many sessions of watching Ghost Adventures, and in anticipation of Supernatural‘s ultimate season—so I wanted to write something powerfully paranormal with a smidge of horror and a dash of science-fiction.

I’m SUPER excited to share this project! I’m pleased to say it’s the first in a series of THREE books! (Which I’ve outlined and decided they are going to take some seriously weird turns, but… well, that’s what I’m all about!)

ALSO, it has been featured on Wattpad’s OFFICIAL PrideMonth reading list! (this is a HUGE deal—it means it’s basically a favorite of Wattpad HQ!)

Oh, HELLO, I’ve uploaded the sequel, DEPARTED, to Wattpad:


Death. What happens after it? What lies beneath the surface?

Poor Arielle Daniels stumbled through dangerous hoops to figure this out. She wakes in a new place–the Void–and discovers that what waits after death are layers, dimensions, and sadly… more questions. Even with her new friend–that she nicknames THE GHOST, for lack of any other way to describe her–she feels alone, abandoned, afraid.

In the living world, Benjamin “Benny” Brooks, knowledgeable in the occult and familiar with paranormal activity, can’t crack the mystery behind her death. Or Stella’s. Or even… Jade’s. He and his FBI agent friend Kylie are on the scene, scraping for clues… and no matter how prepared they think to be, both will get much more than they bargained for.

Will Arielle get her ultimate answers, at last? Will she conclude the business that’s holding her in the Void? And will Benny finally show the world ghosts are real?

NaNoWriMo 2020 project – second in the VANISHED series

HI HI HI, update: I should be uploading the third & final book for NaNoWriMo 2021! Stay tuned!