The SUITS series

Fantasy / LGBTQ+


“Legend has it, if you stand in front of a mirror holding a cup and a candle, you can open a doorway between dimensions.”

Prince Teodric of Springport remembers the promise he made his father: to not try to reenact the legend of dimensions. At sixteen, he laughed at his father’s claims that there were ways of traveling through portals to other realms; but five years later, as sole heir to his recently deceased father’s kingdom, the eerie tale somehow reenters his mind, and with it a curious desire to break his promise. To see if, as his father said, other dimensions existed, and one traveled to them via mirrors. But Teo gets more than he ever dreamed he would, and soon wakes in a realm of the imaginary, the insane, and the impossible… only to find he switched places with a knave named Jack of Spades.

A fantasy/paranormal mix of Alice in Wonderland and card-game characters, where our MC is thrown into an improbable alternate dimension filled with what he doesn’t believe in: magic.

BOOK ONE in the SUITS series—a 5 book novella series

WILD CARD is… a wild card! Though the idea itself burgeoned in my mind a while ago, the actual urge to write it didn’t come to me until the ONC (Open Novella Contest) started on Wattpad. Two of the prompts spoke to me, and I figured… eh, why the hell not? I’m sure I can handle yet another project on top of my 5 million others… right?

Well… wrong and right. Though the book didn’t make it past the Longlist (which is actually a pretty massive accomplishment) and it hurt my ego a little, I did decide to continue writing my characters anyway. Despite my other plans and plots, I couldn’t get this idea out of my mind. I came up with a five book novella series with titles revolving around poker/face-card nicknames. Every book will have one POV, and the title will reflect a different character (for example: WILD CARD refers to Ysac, the jester, but the POV character is Prince Teodric).


“Legend has it, one in four royal advisor-mages will be inclined to betray their monarch, to overthrow them for power. It’s naught but a rumor, viperous gossip spread through generations to ensure kings and queens remain on their guard.”

When she hears of this legend, Gwenore of Acewood Kingdom promises herself to heed it, dubbing it the myth of the “misled mage”. And with her father, King Hendry, deceased, the legend weighs on her soul heavier than ever… because she’s the heir to the throne, uncontested by all but her half-sister, the half-mermaid Princess Luned. A rift in their world, caused by the foreign Prince Teodric’s abrupt arrival, shed light on the growing discord in Efura, made worse by Luned’s rebellion. Accompanied by Otho, a powerful mage and former advisor to her father, and Jack, a knave turned traitor, Luned seeks to take what she assumes is hers: the crown. But Gwenore, wary of the veracity of the legend, must fight to find the rebels who seek to ruin all her father’s hard work–before anyone dies.

A fantasy/paranormal mix of Alice in Wonderland and card-game characters, where our new MC has to face off with mages and super-powered beings… though she is magic-less.

BOOK TWO in the SUITS series—a 5 book novella series

I’m super excited to continue this series about face-cards and a fantasy land with its Alice in Wonderland vibes and its mystery. I love, love the characters I came up with, and the stories have a great following and fan-base that I’m always so happy to interact with.

Check it out! The series will be—for the time being—free on Wattpad!