The GOLDEN series


The Golden Flower

In late eighteenth century Europe, nestled in eastern France, is a peaceful kingdom called Totresia.

A carriage wreck disturbs that peace when found by Totresian King Edouard and his wife, Queen Clementine. The accident’s significance has a ripple-effect on the entire country, and its only survivor? A baby girl, the same age as Edouard’s first-born son, Antoine.

This baby girl–Marguerite, nicknamed “the flower that braved the storm”–has to learn the intricacies of growing up as a foster-child in a royal household, and what being nobility entails. And how being an outsider to the royal blood-line could compromise all that was promised to her–especially if a member of said royal household dislikes her.

Marguerite’s proximity with the Crown Prince, Antoine; her frolicking with the Princes, Sébastien and Jules; and her sisterly feelings towards the Princess, Cordelia–all are jeopardized by individuals with foul intentions and blackened hearts, hiding in darkened corridors of the magnificent Torrinni Castle. And by a few unwanted visitors sneaking in from its outskirts, their final motives unknown.

In this first installment of the GOLDEN UNIVERSE, we watch Marguerite’s struggles, see her affinities with the royals, and meet all those who surround her–whether they’ve met her or have yet to come into her presence.

This book is the first in a five book series.

Ah, my GOLDEN books. Also known as The GOLDEN Universe. The unexpected, totally improvised and out-of-the-blue novels I became very, very invested in and that have a giant place in my heart.

Historical Fiction—a genre I never, ever thought I would write. The research, the struggle to stick to the facts, the decisions to make in terms of characters and places and times… no, thank you. Not that I didn’t like reading it—I absolutely LOVE tales of princesses and princes and servants and gowns and carriages. As you might have seen in the About Me section, I’m obsessed with seventeenth/eighteenth/early-nineteenth century Europe, and I also have a soft spot for all things British monarchy. Give me all the Tudors and White Queen and White Princess shows; give me all the Dan Jones books about the Plantagenets and the Wars of Roses; and DUH, give me all the History-inspired but actually fantasy books like A Song of Ice and Fire; but please, please, don’t ask me to write them.

… well, that is, until last year (2018). I stumbled upon a few really good Historical Fiction/Fantasy books on Wattpad (fantasy because they took place in made-up countries with fictional rulers) and I thought… you know what? I want to do that. I want to write my own royal characters and my own royal stories and my own countries.

That got me into trouble… because ideas formed and characters came to life and a #justwriteit contest popped up on Wattpad just in time for me to compose a 10,000 word short-story called The Golden Flower (which is now being expanded into a full-length novel… slooooowwwwllllyyyyy) and detailing a rags to riches and back to rags type of story about a golden-haired girl with a mysterious background.

Needless to say, though I only wrote a short-story… as I waited for the results of this contest, I was totally researching and collecting images on Pinterest and plotting a full-length novel… and then a sequel… and then another sequel…

… and then when The Golden Flower was one of the two winners of the contest, THAT WAS IT. The GOLDEN series was born, and I ended up adding a fifth book to wrap up the series (which I’m writing/editing at the time of typing this, so it’s not yet available to read on Wattpad).

I made up two countries and created detailed maps of them, drew floor-plans, invented cities and provinces (and gave them all awesome fantasy/historical names), characters and backgrounds, aesthetics and headers and banners—and the Golden series took off.

There are many, many characters in this series (no, I’m not talking Game of Thrones level, but still) and I’ve enjoyed writing about each one, even the bad ones (okay, yes, especially the bad ones). Kings and Princes and Queens and Princesses and Dowagers and servants and nobles and mean, mean, mean ladies. Oh, the fun I’ve had… and am still having.

The GOLDEN series—and its spin-offs, of which there will be three… four… five? I have no clue—has been my main focus for a while now, which is why I’m able to pop out book after book without taking a single breath. It’s where I go to relax, to unwind, to focus, to erase doubts and depression and anxiety… because I’ve found that Marguerite and Céleste are kind of my best friends, and writing about them transports me out of this crazy world and into theirs—late eighteenth century French/British/German Europe. And I love it there.

These novels are written in third-person past-tense, alternating between Marguerite & Céleste’s POV’s, usually keeping them equal in each book though Marguerite does have one or two more (since she’s technically the main main character). Will I publish them? One day, once I’ve got them all sorted out and revised and less complicated. Because they’re super complicated… but oh so easy to devour.

The Golden Girl

December 1st, 1797.

A golden-haired woman receives two letters that will change the course of her life forever. One reminding her of her duties—directing the Totresian Royal Academy for Noble Girls—the other summoning her to the Totresian Royal Court, “tout-de-suite”.

The court she had fled almost three years prior.

Gathering up her best Senior graduates, and a daydreaming girl in her Junior year, the emerald-eyed beauty makes her decision, praying that she can stay anonymous for as long as it takes; and stay out of reach from the woman who raised her, and who has been the cause of all her suffering.

The Dowager Queen.

Can she survive the waves of emotions caused by her past as it catches up to her? Or will her true identity be revealed, against her will?

Plunge back into the adventures of Marguerite—the former Duchess of Torrinni—and her young understudy, the bright and curious Céleste, as they uncover plots of a depth beyond imagination, and send their hearts racing and fluttering into whirlwind schemes and secrets; some of which they may never escape from.

This book is the second in a five book series.

The Golden Duchess

This is book three in the series, currently uploaded & available to read on Wattpad! (No description as it contains spoilers.)

The Golden Princess

This is book four in the series, currently uploaded & available to read on Wattpad! (No description as it contains spoilers.)

The Golden Queen

This is book five in the series, currently uploaded & available to read on Wattpad! (No description as it contains spoilers.)

ALERT ALERT—The first official spin-off is here!

A Brazen Maiden

Harriet, the daughter of a nobleman of ill-repute, has thwarted insults and gossip all her life. And as she reaches her final year at the Totresian Royal Academy for Noble Girls, the mockeries intensify, worsening her already fragile self-esteem. She fears for her future out in the world–would anyone tolerate being in the presence of a girl as unloved as she?
Navigating the Academy halls is hard, as she well knows; and as a “sponsorship” student, she struggles to fit in, with few friends and fewer allies. Rumors sprout up easily, and though she’s familiar with the tricks to avoid them, she’ll find them often falling in her lap.
All she really wants is to steer clear of her father’s schemes, and never turn out to be as rotten as he is–but is that possible for a girl carrying the dreadful weight of the Thatcher legacy?

This book is the first in a three book spin-off series.

YESSS an entire series about Harriet Thatcher! Readers of the GOLDEN series will recognize her from The Golden Girl—one of the students Miss M. takes to court with her! I’ve been obsessed with Harriet and her background since I introduced her, and for over a year have been brewing up a story about her. And guess what?! IT’S A THREE BOOK SERIES! I’m super excited to shar3 this new adventure with you, as the main series has ended (DON’T CRY, STEPHANIE—DON’T!). ALL THREE BOOKS ARE NOW COMPLETED on Wattpad!

A Brazen Duty

After a fruitless but far from uneventful stint at the Totresian Royal Court, Harriet Thatcher returns home to Limesdale to oversee her father’s affairs, since he’s imprisoned for treason against the crown. What she doesn’t realize is the dire state of said affairs–cheating, trafficking, smuggling, stealing among other fraudulent activities. With her father’s former accomplices on the loose, she has to form a brand new council to stop them, and deliver them to King Antoine in haste. And she has to oversee her portion of Rosford County–a duty never before attempted by a woman.
Thanks to two surprising allies–a former handmaiden and a man she never expected to see again–she takes on her responsibilities as Vidame of Limesdale, hoping to distance herself from the vipers at court and the usual obligations of a Lady of Totresia. But as it turns out, the castle’s drama never looms too far from her, and all that happens in Torrinni… finds its way over to ruin her potentially peaceful life.
How will Harriet deal with her new role, and how will it affect her already strained relationship with her father?

This book is the second in a three book spin-off series—it must be unlocked by “coins” to be read.

A Brazen Love

After the turmoil her father caused–and the reputation he tried to destroy–Harriet Thatcher is finally able to rest and restore her family name to somewhat passable, and no longer whispered about in dark corridors. But following the riots in her hometown of Limesdale, she makes the brazen decision to pick a spouse–meaning she’ll hand over her title and lands to a man, after stubbornly refusing to do so, hoping to prove herself to her people. For once, her livelihood and wellbeing aren’t on the line–her heart is, and it’s almost scarier than living in the shadow of her father’s misdeeds.
Opting to hold a “season”, she invites five eligible men to her manor, but is shocked when two of her advisors also inform her of their interest… and another bachelor shows up unannounced, intending to woo her after wounding her months prior.
With threats still looming on the horizon–Oliver Newton is still at large and eager to finish what Eugene Thatcher and his groupies started–can Harriet take a breather and spend some time with her contenders? And can she choose among them the man who will share her bed and be by her side forever, despite her constant trust issues and struggles to listen to her gut?

This book is the third in a three book spin-off series.

ALERT ALERT (again)—the next spin-off is… *drum-roll*… the Cordelia books!

Princess of Candor

Cordelia, the Princess of Totresia, has always lived in the shadow of her brother, King Antoine of Totresia, and her other siblings Sébastien and Jules. But now, in 1801, with all three married and settled and happy, everyone is focused on her–and she hates the unwanted, annoying attention. Everyone screams for her to marry, to form alliances, to give more positive light to her deceased betrayer of a father’s memory. But she sees no way to fix the current state of things through her own union; Totresia and Giroma are still fighting each other, the Giromians are still rebelling against Marguerite’s reign and marriage to Antoine, England and France hate each other, and there are wars on the sea, directed by a rising country across the ocean. And not to mention most of Europe is watching in anticipation as France–Napoleon–digs its claws everywhere, and continues to have dangerous sights on Totresia.
Unwilling to participate in the maddening drama of her family and its hopes for treaties with surrounding countries, Cordelia makes her own plans–and they’ll backfire in fiercer ways than she ever imagined.

This book is the first in a three book spin-off series.