Oh, so you’re interested in the Greek gods & their portrayal in my novels, are you?

Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. In this section, I detail the main gods of the ANGRY GREEK GODS series & the powers they have, along with any special skills attributed to them.

These are powers mentioned/seen in the novels and implied; this is by no means an exhaustive list of every power these gods have (otherwise you’d be reading hundreds of pages!)

Please note: all Olympians & Titans (and Primordials) have the “base” powers of mind-reading, teleportation (their methods will be described for each of them), invisibility, and “godly intuition” (the power to sniff out/sense other gods in the vicinity). “Lower-tier” Olympians such as Psyche & Hedone don’t have all these powers.


EROS (god of love and sex):

• power to find soulmates
• marks soulmates rib-cages with the name of their soulmate, at birth
• magical arrows (used to bind souls) (only Eros can wield these) (created by Aphrodite); the effect of these can change based on his emotions & if any substance (poison, potion) is coating the tip
• can identify ongoing arguments & detect tension in the air, even more so when a god is involved
• detects heartbeats & the “color” of one’s heart (blackened=evil intentions; white=pure)
• his manner of teleporting is unknown

APHRODITE (goddess of love and beauty):

• alluring/seduction powers (on gods or humans); causes uncontrollable urges
• can stir up strong arousal (even when a person/god is extremely reluctant) & can cause mind-shattering fantasies (so strong they feel real)
• power to find soulmates (rarely uses this; gave this power to Eros)
• power to help understand/detect the truth in a gentle, soothing manner (mostly for humans)
• godly scream (ear-piercing; dangerous & fatal to humans, deafening for gods)
• can draw energy from the atmosphere (and especially from ocean air/water)
• fire power
• to teleport, she spins in a mist of sparkly pink & disappears


PSYCHE (goddess of the soul):

• she doesn’t have mind-reading or invisibility powers
• atmospheric energy/power (draws strength from it)
• soul-soothing powers
• can infer an area with positivity & joy
• to teleport, she evaporates in a cloud of smoke

ATHENA (goddess of wisdom, courage, strategic war):

• infallible wisdom
• her owlish eyes can see clearly in the dark
• fighting intuition (can foresee outcomes in war)
• ability to perfectly wield & use any weapon (prefers a trident or a sword)
• scent-sniffing power (taught to her by Artemis)
• rapid movement/running fast power
• extreme agility
• to teleport, she twirls and shoots upward in a blue smoke

RAVENOUS RHEA characters:

RHEA (goddess of fertility, motherhood, mountain wilds; titaness mother of gods):

• can mask her feelings
• communicates with animals
• adept at ancient Greek communication & spells
• fire power
• child-birthing abilities
• “lionness bite”
• other undetected & ancient powers tied to nature, animals, and family
• her manner of teleporting is unknown

HERA (goddess of women and marriage; Queen of Olympus):

• can detect lies
• can detect if someone (mostly women) is a virgin or not (she dislikes virgins and avoids their company, except for her sister Hestia)
• can sniff out a cheater & disruption in a marriage
• ability to infer madness/scramble minds
• child-birthing abilities
• a figure of female empowerment, as such is very intimidating to most gods & humans
• to teleport, she claps and disappears in a thick mist

OTHER characters (mentioned in the series or soon-to-be main characters, *wink wink*)

ZEUS (god of lightning; King of Olympus):

• he can turn off/on the mind-reading ability for others
• his arrival/proximity in an area manifests with severe thunder & lightning, but only gods can tell if it’s really him or a regular storm
• zaps lightning, thunder, energy, wind with his trident (sometimes through his hands)
• when angered, he causes tremors (not quite earthquakes but still powerful)
• has access to the Moirai (the Fates; they’re his advisors)
• has some ancient Greek communication & spell knowledge
• can render someone immportal or remove their immortality (=can create gods)
• can turn off godly powers in general & temporarily render a god human
• can shapeshift (into animals or a human)
• electric touch
• his booming voice can silence just about anyone (magically speaking)
• to teleport, he uses a bolt of lightning and disappears with a boom of thunder

HADES (god & king of the Underworld):

• can transform almost anything into jewels or precious metals
• can create jewels & precious metals
• can smell jewels (each gem has a scent to him)
• can detect how many jewels are in an area; same with coins
• can instill wealth on anyone of his choosing
• can sentence someone to Tartarus without passing before the judges first, with a good enough reason
• can travel fast in a smoke-like form
• can shapeshift (rarely uses this)
• to teleport, he summons a black cloud of smoke and it swallows him; for grand occasions he’ll use a horse-drawn carriage

POSEIDON (god & king of the sea):

• can cause earthquakes
• can cause storms (mostly over seas but sometimes on land)
• can shapeshift, mostly into animals (has often shifted into a horse or a bull)
• has a strange affinity/link with horses
• can blend in with humans (diminishes his powers to not be noticed)
• to teleport, he thrums his trident on the ground and evaporates through a puddle of water

GAIA (Primordial goddess, mother earth, mother of Titans, Monsters, and Giants):

• her mind powers are a bit more intense than everyone else’s
• ancient Greek communication & spells
• can multi-task several abilities at once
• can “cloak” an area & render it impenetrable to ears/eavesdropping (her clothes transform into vines/pillars that prevent access)
• has some shape-shifting/voice-shifting abilities
• can summon vines from her fingertips (and use them to bind, wrap around, slice into, etc.)
• various cloaking abilities (minds, hearts, souls)
• ability to detect origins/blood/lineage/family ties based on a tiny bit of DNA
• can instill any knowledge that she has on anyone else
• can create monsters/creatures to do her bidding or simply to exist
• many potion making abilities that remain unknown
• her manner of teleporting is unknown

MNEMOSYNE (titaness of memory & remembrance; mother of the Muses):

• mind-reading, but a deeper, more thorough and invasive kind
• memory spells
• memory manipulation
• sleeping powers (to put one to sleep through various methods)
• unlimited access to Lethe (Underworld river of forgetfulness)
• some form of cloaking (areas & minds)
• her manner of teleporting is unknown

PERSEPHONE (goddess of spring; Queen of the Underworld):

• can conjure flowers (sometimes vines)
• heals crops (and can sometimes heal human/godly wounds)
• wind power
• Eleusinian Mysteries adept (unknown abilities come from this)
• potions/dark spells knowledge (Hecate has been teaching her, for protection)
• herbology adept (can grow just about anything, just about anywhere)
• her manner of teleporting is unknown

HECATE (goddess of witches, the night, crossroads):

• perceptive powers (can tell if someone is lying)
• can shift into a three-headed sorceress
• special abilities linked with dogs
• ancient Greek knowledge & spells
• can cloak her thoughts
• healer with knowledge of light & dark arts (via rituals, charms, encantations, potions)
• Eleusinian Mysteries adept (unknown abilities come from this)
• can go into a maddened state, called a frenzy (hasn’t done this in some time) to scare humans into worshiping her or doing her bidding
• her manner of teleporting is unknown

HERMES (god of transition, travel, thieves, etc; herald of the gods):

• has some form of torture methods (not much is known about this)
• can “summon” things he wants to steal; can steal without being seen/heard
• can trick the mind (mostly when stealing, rarely uses this power for other means)
• ability to travel to & enter the Underworld (he rarely goes past the Diamond Gates, only guides souls up to them); doesn’t have to pay Charon to use the ferry; knows all the entrances to the Underworld
• has some minor reaping abilities
• swift/speedy travel with his winged sandals
• to teleport, he snaps his fingers and vanishes in a glimmering green smoke

HEPHAESTUS (god of blacksmiths):

• blacksmithing genius, can craft nearly anything from any material and it’ll be nearly indestructible
• also crafts exquisite jewelry
• fire power; can summon the force and heat of a volcano (whether for his work or for fighting)
• his manner of teleporting is unknown

ARES (god of violent war, bloodshed):

• can wield any weapon in existence & use it to perfection
• can provoke violent feelings in anyone
• his sword projects a thick trail of deadly red smoke (it can slice like a serrated knife)
• war intuition (knows when/where to strike)
• nearly true aim (he can sometimes miss but for the most part his attacks always hit home)
• to teleport, he blinks and disappears

HEDONE (goddess of pleasure):

• she doesn’t have mind-reading or invisibility powers
• spreads joy and pleasure in her wake
• to teleport, she evaporates in a cloud of peachy smoke

APOLLO (god of light, music, prophecy):

• healer with knowledge of light arts
• can detect poison but can’t always cure it
• true aim (never misses)
• musical ear (can recognize true musical talent)
• can play/perform with any instrument in existence & excel at it
• “mess cleaner” (skilled at fixing “situations” on earth in Zeus’ name; this involves a lot of memory wiping & actual mess cleaning)
• mild prophetic powers, doesn’t use them that often anymore
• to teleport, he snaps his fingers and disappears

ARTEMIS (goddess of chastity and the hunt):

• animal instinct (can mildly communicate with forest animals & locate them easily, whether as prey or to protect them)
• can protect herds (whether for herself, to prevent extinction, or as a favor to a worshiper)
• can detect wounded animals (and sometimes cure them to a minimum, if she’s not hunting them)
• true aim
• “mess cleaner” (skilled at fixing “situations” on earth in Zeus’ name; this involves a lot of memory wiping & actual mess cleaning)
• to teleport, she snaps her fingers and disappears

DEMETER (goddess of fertility):

• can produce fruit and flowers with her touch
• skilled gardener/herbologist (taught Persephone all her arts)
• can protect crops from destruction (from weather or man-made machines, etc)
• can destroy crops in a fit of anger or if rituals aren’t performed properly
• can manipulate the weather to some extent, to help or harm crops/production
• her mood can determine whether a year’s harvest will yield good crops or not
• Eleusinian mysteries adept (unknown abilities come from this; we do know her skills/part in this involves some degree of poison detection & cleansing)
• to teleport, she claps and is cloaked in a thick mist to disappear

HESTIA (goddess of the hearth):

• fire power (not to use in battle)
• she can ignite or extinguish any hearth, anywhere, from any distance (just with the power of her mind)
• has certain unprecedented cooking skills
• can detect if someone (mostly women) is a virgin or not (prefers to surround herself with them)
• her manner of teleporting is unknown

•• Goddesses/titanesses PHOEBE, LETO, and THEMIS are mentioned and are part of the novels; however, we don’t discuss or see much of their powers (figured I’d still share their pictures!)

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