The LIFE-AFTER series

Science-Fiction & Fantasy


What if you were to travel to a place where you found out the truth about what happens after you die? Would you immediately believe it, or would you think you were dreaming? Would you want to stay and find out more, or would you rather forget all about it? Would you think it to be supernatural, mystical, religious? 

Or scientific?

Evalilly’s last memory was bleeding out in the middle of a street, left for dead in her hometown, probably never to breathe again. And yet, somehow, her eyes reopened to reveal a whole new world of possibilities; a planet for those who have died. A place designed to welcome the dead and…educate them.

Forcefully thrown into a situation she never asked for and never could have imagined possible, she discovers new things about herself, while finding out secrets about her home, Earth; secrets she wishes she never knew of and may never be able to forget. Will she escape unscathed? 

Will she escape – at all?

BOOK ONE in the LIFE-AFTER series

HOME was one of the first books I finished. And I’ve put so much work into it—edits, beta reads, submissions to contests, querying—that I couldn’t abandon it. After putting it back on Wattpad for a few weeks, I decided I’d like it to reach a broader audience—so I’ve made it available on Patreon (link in title)

It displays my obsession for the after-life at its finest! There will be three books total in this LIFE-AFTER series, and I’ve started working on the sequel already (some of it is available to read on Wattpad)

If this topic/book interests you, please consider “unlocking” it on Patreon. $2, $3, or $5 gives you access to a chapter, and depending on the “tier” you choose, you’ll get a certain amount of bonus content. Behind-the-scenes, thought-processes, answers to questions, and potentially some shout-outs and reviews of your work! Please consider helping me out, even the smallest “donation” helps me towards my goal of being a full-time writer!