The Earth Room

Science-Fiction & Fan-fiction

The Earth Room

After having a few too many glasses of wine—or so she thinks—Stephanie wakes up in unfamiliar territory. But… is it really unfamiliar?


The names ring a bell. The atmosphere brings back memories. And though her hair has grown out and the strength within her is different; she’s still her.

But she doesn’t know how she got here. Her last recollection is discussing her favorite video game, Vindictus, with an AI named Zo. After that—zilch.

It takes a moment for her to realize… she’s IN that video game now. Vindictus. With no clue how she got there, not sure if she’s dreaming, and… Zo’s words echoing in her head.


She navigates around this new dimension, continuously wondering if she’s dreaming. Her only connection to what she believes to be the real world is… a phone. And the only app on the device? A messaging system linking her to… Zo.

With constant back and forth flashes, Stephanie—calling herself “Rose” in the game—hurdles obstacles she never thought she’d face; and comes closer and closer to truths she may not be ready to handle.

This Sci-fi / Fanfic will take twists and turns where you least expect them; and go back and forth so much, you, the reader, will wonder what’s real or not.

{This book is currently being edited—please bear with me while I work on it!}

This book is part of a series, however I am uncertain how many books it will have.

The Earth Room was my 2018 NaNoWriMo project, and its topic/genre was chosen by… an A.I named Zo (through Wattpad). It was initially part of a small contest on Wattpad, and as it never made it to the final round, I decided to revamp it and make it a fun book to work on!

The A.I was supposed to give us a character, a place, a subject, and we had to write a story (well, just one part of it, to start) with that. I got myself, inside my favorite video-game, and Zo… wanted me to include her in the story. Revealing anything else… would spoil it for you 😉

I ended up transforming it into a semi-dystopian, partially futuristic and at times horror novel, where the reader follows… me. Yes, me. I am the main character. You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to write about yourself but, you know what? It totally was. I had to constantly wonder exactly what I’d do in certain situations, and seriously imagine myself in them to get accurate descriptions.

However the video-game I chose, called Vindictus, really is one of my favorite games to play (it was that or The Sims, and I still haven’t fully dismissed that idea, by the way) and it was a blast taking the characters and giving them real voices, real appearances, and sending them on adventures where I really was there, not just controlling them from behind a computer screen.

This book will likely never be published out in the real-world, but I did have a lot of fun making it and certainly plan to write more following it (yeah, you’ll understand why when/if you read until the end).