Ghost Portal is actually the first book I ever wrote entirely! And its two sequels, which progressively get weirder…

It came to me during a time of binge-watching Supernatural and Ghost Adventures, and wanting to write my own version of a haunting—with some seriously weird twists.

Originally, I’d been wanting to write a book about a dancer (for several years I was obsessed with a French YA series about a ballerina and her struggles, and was desperate to write a dancing series too—needless to say, I failed) and slowly saw myself adding paranormal elements to her story… until I caved and decided the whole thing would center on ghosts, demons, and… ???? (NOPE, can’t spoil anything for you).

The first book, Ghost Portal, is in third-person past-tense, switching between Jessamine and Avery’s POV’s, with a few “unknown” POV’s here and there. In books two and three, other characters have POV’s too, but Jessamine and Avery are still the main characters.

This series… is my pride. The first I finished, the first I gave up on, the first I brought back to life and perfected… and also the first I posted on Wattpad!


It’s sad for me to have to say that after much feedback and critiques from readers, beta-readers, friends… I’ve decided to start GHOST PORTAL again from scratch. I’m going to rework the timeline, backstories, order of events, characters, and come back to you with a solid story that I can be proud of! You likely won’t see any of this until 2023, as I’m backed up with my current projects.


I re-worked the entire plot, set up chapter outlines, worked on character charts, re-did covers, researched, prepped mood-boards, and… I’ve started writing the new & improved version of GHOST PORTAL! I’ve posted the moodboards/aesthetics and the first (unedited) chapter on my Wattpad account, so do head over to check it out if you’re interested in how this new version will turn out ♥

Please mind your triggers while reading this series, as it will contain graphic/explicit language, gory scenes, explicit sex scenes, and mentions of trauma.

This series is EXCLUSIVE to Wattpad—if you see this or are reading it on ANY OTHER PLATFORM, please note that it is stolen/pirated, and inform me at once. Thank you.


If you’re triggered by something sinister, do you seek its meaning, or do you leave it alone?

Small-town barista and occasional stray animal rescuer Jessamine Spencer never would have guessed that a video about missing paranormal show-host Amy LaRoya would rile her up so badly, to the point of having nightmarish visions of the house where Amy was last seen, and an ominous sense that she’d been there before.
But when Amy’s fellow paranormal host Avery Boomer turns up at Jessamine’s coffee-shop asking questions, he discovers that Jessamine is in fact linked to Amy—because she was at the mystical house Amy was last seen at. The problem is, Jessamine doesn’t recall any of the circumstances that led her to be there, nor how she escaped. And Avery needs to locate Amy, because her final footage seems to imply something was after her and might have gotten to her; something clearly supernatural in nature.
If Avery convinces Jessamine to help him, will she recover enough of her memories to navigate to this mystery house, and hopefully find Amy there? Or is there more hiding in the forest—forces and prophesies that Avery and Jessamine will never understand?


Find it HERE
(currently still a WIP, only aesthetics and the first chapter are available at this time, sorry!)

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