REVOLUTION:A Rebel Among Monsters

Welcome to planet Cerule, a peaceful place lodged in the Andromeda galaxy, full of lively, happy humans, luxurious vegetation, beautiful landscapes, and mysterious cerulean blue crystals.

And on Cerule, it’s those blue crystals that regulate everything—currency, medicine, technology—but they are in turn strictly controlled by the planet’s benevolent leaders, the Eldian Monsters.

Yes, Monsters.

These peaceful, ever-lasting “creatures” have a secret, involving a dark ritual that forces a Sacrficed One to be chosen each year, to keep the planet alive. And the worst part? All inhabitants… go along with it, for the greater good.

Melaynia Roya doesn’t like that. She already lost her sister to this ritual, and now it seems her life will revolve around it once more: she just turned eighteen, the eligible age of Sacrifice, and she’s at risk.

Can Melaynia escape the harsh rules of the Eldian Monsters? Can she uncover the truth behind the ritual before it’s too late? What can she do to save herself while trying to save her planet?

REVOLUTION is part of a two OR three book series.

REVOLUTION went through several name changes and is currently getting a giant rewrite/edit, but the story has always remained the same: a girl, a destiny, and her absolute denial of it.

It came to me after I gave up on Ghost Portal (the first time) and sought to switch gears and get into Science-Fiction (this was just before I came up with Home, by the way) and create my own planet from scratch (which I did, and it was nuts—I have stacks of spreadsheets to prove it).

The idea sort of stemmed from Hunger Games (the books) and the idea of a sacrifice for the good of a population… but I didn’t want this sacrifice to be all it entailed.

So I wrote REVOLUTION—it was initially called Cerule, for the name of it’s planet, but I found that to be… not enticing at all.

Written in third-person past tense and switching between Melaynia and another mystery character, this book was… hard to produce (I postponed halfway through to start writing Home, and struggled to get back into it). And harder to edit! I started it before learning all the wonderful advice I’ve received for my other books, and so having to reformat and revise it has been a struggle, but… I’m halfway done! That’s something, right?

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