Ahh, so you like magic, do you? Well you’ve stumbled onto the right page! If you had magical questions while reading the SUITS series, then you might enjoy the below paragraphs that are ALL THINGS MAGIC(AL) ♥

MAGES, in general

MAGES WERE born at the beginning of Efuran time — year zero. It’s speculated Efura itself formed a long time before that, but year zero is when civilization first appeared — civilization in the form of magical and magic-wielding human-like beings. It’s unknown how many mages first came to be, but it’s widely said that they were fully adult and learned how to use their powers rapidly. These powers, they soon realized, needed to be used for good; and so, after using their energy to create Efurans (=humans), they opted to use their abilities to protect the land and its people.

MAGES WERE first drawn to Acewood (name’s origins unknown) where their powers would converge and link as a protective barrier against outside threats (i.e. dimensional travelers like Teodric!). Mages have known for centuries that there are other worlds/dimensions out there, but they don’t speak of it and prefer to prepare as if any of those worlds/dimensions could be malevolent and attack them. This sort of preparation is under ARDEN’S care (see section about Arden).

MAGES DON’T age like humans; some can live for centuries, as their metabolisms are composed of actual magic, their blood is magical, and their bodies are more resilient to outside/physical threats. Think of them as having an extra layer of super thick skin!

MAGES AREN’T invincible, but it takes a lot to kill one, and a long time for them to undergo a natural death, if at all. They’re not, however, invulnerable to sickness, and can certainly succumb to an untended wound or an untreated illness.

MANY MAGES don’t experience sexual/romantic attraction or urges. If they do, it’s not an easy feat for them to conceive with a human, especially if the mage is of a purer level; it can be difficult for a human to carry such a magical child to term. Mixed breeds and cross-breeds experience more urges.


ACES ARE a particular breed of mage, chosen to be direct advisors to the reigning Acewood royal. It’s unclear on the process to choose them; some are descended from their predecessors, and some are chosen and trained. They are extremely difficult to replace, as an Ace must have potent magic in them, and be nearly full-blooded mage to perform properly. Which is difficult in itself, as most mages nowadays are cross breeds. Pure mages are very few. If an Ace has a mage child, there’s a high chance that child will inherit their parent’s position when the Ace dies.

ACES HAVE been serving Acewood royals ever since the first Acewood King was crowned, in the year two of Efura. It’s part of their culture to advise and encircle the reigning royal and help him/her on his/her journey of ruling Efura.

THOUGH THEY’RE addressed as Lady, Sir, Aces aren’t noble, and because of this they don’t abide by regular human rules. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask an Ace how long he/she has been serving the realm (=equivalent to asking them how old they are) and it’s not offensive to ask if they have descendants and if they’re magic wielders. Note: not all mages are comfortable with such private questions, but Aces are supposed to be open about their origins and history (they have to disclose it when becoming an Ace). They are otherwise quite evasive (when it comes to secrets confided by kings & other royals, or any personal agendas they might have).

LIKE OTHER mages, Aces don’t experience much sexual attraction/urges, nor do they feel the need to reproduce. Their name Ace is actually derived from the term asexual, which is a commonly accepted term in Efura for mages and humans alike. Aces, as a genenral rule, have to be pure, meaning they won’t get those urges, or in the case they’re not pure, they must agree to forgo all sexual attraction and urges. It’s forbidden for Aces to mate amongst themselves or other pure mages. If they do choose to reproduce (and strictly for the sake of preserving their breed and ensuring future Aces are born) they must do so with humans or lesser mages.


THESE ARE second generation mages, and are most of what’s left in Efura in the year five-hundred (time that the main story takes place). They’re still fairly potent mages, with a variety of abilities, but many are in hiding, afraid of being recruited to become the next Ace (Aces live a dangerous life; serving the kingdom can be a death sentence if threats come to the current monarch).


YES, THEY are in fact a sub-breed of mages, in Efura! But they’re not considered benevolent, and many are rumored to be monsters with tails, lurking in the shadows in the hopes of capturing a human to mate with. They live in a mystical ocean kingdom, but its location is unknown, and no human has ever been known to see it/visit it… at least none that have come back to tell the tale!

THEIR POWERS are mainly the ability to walk on land for unlimited periods of time, various levels of water and wind manipulation (see POWERS section below), and powers of persuasion and seduction.


THESE ARE a dying breed of nature-based mages with otherworldly views on gods (most Efurans worship mages as gods; Druids worship nature itself). That we know of, there is only one druid left, but it’s unknown if he is a druid or simply living a similar lifestyle as them.

THEY ARE descended from regular mages; one becomes a druid, but is not born one.


ATMOSPHERIC: temperature control, sensing shifts in atmospheric energy/air, weather control/prediction

HERBAL: knowledge of herbs & how to make them into potions/tonics with various effects, knowledge of how to mix these concoctions for various effects (without charming/enchanting them first), specific charms that conjure nature (this is a learned skill)
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: all Aces; this is a common Druid skill

TOXIC: this isn’t reserved for malevolent mages; the TOXIC ability is the knowledge of poisons (for good or bad), and the ability to manipulate/handle/recognize toxic herbs and brews
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: Arden; Ossenna has some basics of this

GROWTH/NURTURING: knowledge of fertility charms (for humans, animals, plants), knowledge of elements for planting proper crops, a sort of natural sunlight power that can spread over fields and help with their growth
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: Sym, Otho; Ossenna has some basics of this

HEALING: the ability to heal wounds, external and internal; not always permanent, depending on the level of practice (this is a learned skill)
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: Arden; Ossenna has some basics of this

TELEPATHY: telepathic communication, moving objects/people with the mind; the most skilled telepaths can read minds (this is rare)
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: Sym, Ossenna, and Otho have some degrees of this; Arden is rumored to have all these skills AND to be able to read minds

DIVINATION/PROPHECY: the ability to make or receive prophecies, to receive visions of the future, to sense future threats (various methods: card reading, tea-leaves, premonitions, etc)
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: Arden; Ossenna has some basics of this

EMOTIONAL: a sort of healing ability, often paired with GROWTH/NURTURING and HEALING; this centers on feelings and the ability to create them, dull them down, summon them (i.e. repressed memories), change them (this is a learned skill)
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: Otho; Arden has some basics of this

ENCHANTMENTS: easily put, the ability to put someone under a spell, weave a charm over them, fool/trick their mind; also the ability to freeze time (an extinct skill, as far as we’re aware) (this is a learned skill)
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: all Aces have this to some extent

FIRE: to conjure and manipulate fire and heat, whether it be blasting it from one’s hands in an attack, or summoning fire to warm a room (it’s unclear whether one is born with this or not)

WATER: to conjure and manipulate water and liquid, whether it be blasting it from one’s hands in an attack, or summoning water for one’s thirst or to cool someone down
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: All mermaids have this; Ossenna has some basics of this

WIND: to conjure and manipulate wind, whether it be blasting it from one’s hands in an attack, or summoning it as needed
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: Ossenna, some mermaids have this; Arden has some basics of this

ELECTRICITY/LIGHTNING: to conjure and manipulate electricity (static jolts) and lightning, whether it be blasting it from one’s hands in an attack, or summoning it as needed

FLYING/LEVITATION: to lift oneself above ground; this is a skill mages are born with, but it’s about training it to improve from simple hovering on the spot to actually traveling by flight

TELEPORTATION: the ability to teleport between places; the farther you’re able to go, the stronger your skill. This is one of the most difficult mage skills/abilities to master, and only develops when one learns it from someone else (this is a learned skill)
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: Otho; it’s rumored Arden has learned this but no one has seen proof; Ossenna has some minimal basics in this

PAIN: being able to inflict it through the mind or the hands; slicing, choking, ripping into skin, shredding through skin — various methods and skills that one can train for (mages are born with the lowest level of this, and can develop it by training/learning)
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: All Aces have this to some extent

STRENGTH: the ability to lift/move objects/people of a heavier weight than oneself
KNOWN MAGES WITH THIS ABILITY: All Aces have this to some extent

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