So, if you’re an avid Greek mythology buff/fan like I am, you’ll know that there are often several versions of myths throughout history. Which one is correct? We’ll never know! But I know which ones I prefer to use for my characters/story, and here is where I’m going to share this information!

FIRST OFF, let it be known that in terms of “the beginning of all things”, I’m basing myself off the myth of gods coming into creation thanks to PRIMORDIAL BEINGS = CHAOS, GAIA, TARTARUS (they just… arrived? No one knows where they originated from, nor how—they’re just there).

In my novels, I don’t speak of Chaos or Tartarus (the primordial deity, not the location in the Underworld) but Gaia is an important character in the series, so I will go off her myth quite a bit.


Primordial deity, mother of titans, monsters, giants, mother earth

Daughter of… no one! I follow the myth that she created Uranus and then mated with him to create the Titans, among other creatures; and then that she castrated him, resulting in the Gigantes (= race of great strength & aggression but not necessarily great in size) born of Uranus’ blood, and Aphrodite, born of his semen & the sea (more of that in Aphrodite’s section). She then went on to have a few children alone (bad-ass, this one was) and a few by mating with Tartarus (other primordial deity) and a few of his kids. So basically, Gaia really is the mother of all things, and I insist heavily on that in my series.


Goddess of love and beauty

Daughter of Uranus, no mother. Some myths portray her as a daughter of Zeus and Dione, but I went with the commonly known version of her being born of Uranus’ sperm falling into the water after Gaia castrated him. What this means is technically she’s on some level with the titans, and technically she’s more powerful and more ancient than Zeus. However, I keep her powers restrained in the series. I kept the myth of her being married to Hephaestus, but unfaithful (except in this series he’s done trying to punish her for it). She’s known to frolic with just about anyone (according to myths she’s basically had kids with almost all the male Olympians, aside from her own husband, Zeus, and Hades) but I do have her as calmed down now, sticking mainly to bedding Ares, and having sworn off human lovers (Adonis is mentioned as her last one).


God of light, music, prophecy, healing, etc.

Son of Zeus and Leto, common myth. He’s mentioned as cruel and destructive in some myths, but I’ve chosen not to portray him that way in my series. He’s young-appearing, and I’ve omitted the “sun-god” myths of him to focus on his music and healing abilities. He’s also seen in myth bedding a lot of men, and I certainly keep that myth going.


God of violent war, bloodshed

Son of Zeus and Hera, common myth. I went with the version of him often seen with helmet and sword, the moody and unreliable Ares as portrayed by Homer. I’ve made it so that he and Athena aren’t quite enemies, not on bad terms, but not friendly, either. He’s a protective grandfather to Hedone (daughter of Eros and Psyche).


Goddess of chastity, the hunt, etc.

Daughter of Zeus and Leto, common myth. Fairly similar to her most common myths; fierce virgin huntress. I have her very close to Apollo (which is seen in several myths) and preferring the company of animals over gods/humans.


Goddess of wisdom, courage, strategic war, etc.

Daughter of Zeus and Metis, common myth. I also went with the myth that she was born from Zeus’ forehead, fully formed and armored (Zeus swallowed her mother because of a prophecy she made stating he’d be overthrown by her children). She’s called “grey-eyed” and I followed that description of her, too. In my series she’s a bit retired from the war gig, but is still consulted regarding war strategies. It’s sort of implied in myths, but she’s Zeus’ favorite child; he goes to her for counsel, alongside his regular advisors.


Goddess of fertility

Daughter of Cronus and Rhea, common myth. I’ve kept her fairly similar to her most common myths, fiercely protective of her daughter; I also made her fiercely protective of her sisters, Hera and Hestia. She’s definitely all about the Eleusian mysteries (and since there’s next to nothing regarding what those are actually about, I maintained that mystery in my novels, too).


God of wine and madness

Son of Zeus and Semele, common myth. I don’t mention it in the series, but I followed the myth of him being “twice born” (snatched from his mother’s womb and stitched to Zeus’ thigh until ready for birth). I’ve chosen to go with the younger, effiminate and long-haired version of him, not the one compared to/named Bacchus. In most myths, he’s married to Ariadne (a once mortal princess) but I don’t mention her at all, implying she’s not in Olympus or possibly deceased. Though the myths don’t confirm this, I did have him replace Hestia on the Olympian council.


God and king of the Underworld

Son of Cronus and Rhea, common myth. I’ve kept him fairly similar to his most common myths, portrayed with the older version of him (physically). He did steal Persephone, since he was coveting her, and struck a bargain with Zeus to keep her with him half of the year. He loves her dearly and is very faithful to her. Very wealthy god.


Goddess of witches, the night, crossroads, etc.

Daughter of Perses and Asteria (2nd generation titans), somewhat common myth. Pre-Olympian goddess, 3rd generation titan but doesn’t really call herself a titaness. I retained the myth of her being a virgin and being a close friend to Persephone and Demeter. Evasive but not evil.


God of blacksmiths, etc.

Son of Zeus and Hera, somewhat common myth (some myths have him son of Hera alone). I did follow his myth of being hurled off Mt. Olympus and rendered lame, and Hera does mention disliking him heavily in book three. He’s married to Aphrodite, but they’re estranged; he no longer seeks to punish her infidelities, but does love her and tries to woo her. I also followed the somewhat common myth of him having tried to rape Athena. I portray him as sometimes bearded, definitely crippled, and a user of fire and volcanic matter (some myths take those away from him).


Goddess of women, marriage, etc. and queen of Olympus

Daughter of Cronus and Rhea, common myth. I didn’t wander too far from the common myths of her; extremely jealous and possessive, vengeful, but a regal woman. She’s been fairly peaceful in recent times, as Zeus hasn’t been unfaithful. Definitely known for her easy temper and urge to render her opponents mad. Hates Athena and not a fan of Aphrodite, either.


God of transition, travel, trade, communication, thieves, etc; herald of the gods

Son of Zeus and Maia, common myth. I have him mostly representing travel, trade, communication, and thieves. He leads the souls of the dead to the Underworld and has access to all entrances to the Underworld. I portray him as a handsome and athletic beardless youth. A giant flirt (same as he was in mythology) who sleeps with goddess, nymphs, serving staff… just about anyone who’s willing (and sometimes not).


Goddess of the hearth

Daughter of Cronus and Rhea, common myth. She’s supposedly the eldest child of the six siblings, and I’ve maintained that in my series though I don’t specify it. She’s described as modestly veiled (I removed the veil in the series). Virgin goddess. It’s never confirmed in the myths, but some stated she gave her Olympus seat to Dionysus; I followed that myth. She now works in the kitchens and oversees the serving staff.


God and king of the sea

Son of Cronus and Rhea, common myth. Married to Amphitrite though she’s never mentioned/seen in the series. He’s a mature man with a luxuriant beard (I removed the beard) and a trident. I’m following the myth that he raped Medusa and fathered Pegasus and Chrysaor on her (though it won’t necessarily be mentioned in the story). I have him still in a rivalry with Athena, from the myth of when they competed to be chief gods for the city of Athens (Athena won, to his detriment). Tends to be immature, enjoys getting drunk with humans.


Goddess of fertility, motherhood, mountain wilds

Daughter of Gaia and Uranus, common myth. Mother of the Olympians, common myth. Was married to Cronus, and I follow the myth that he was foretold his children with Rhea would overthrow him, so he swallowed them. With Gaia’s help, Rhea fooled him and didn’t allow him to swallow Zeus, who later did exactly as predicted. In my series, she’s a wilderness goddess, strongly associated with the lion (which is her attribute animal, in most myths). She’s happy Cronus is locked up. Close to her mother, close to her daughters. Somewhat close to Zeus (but often in the middle of his disagreements with Gaia). I’m not sure if they’re mentioned in myths, but I gave her a lot of animal-related powers. She’s not so deep in the fertility world anymore, nor the motherhood, and has been focusing on the wild.


God of lightning, king of Olympus

Son of Cronus and Rhea, common myth. Some myths have Hera as his third wife, and I follow this myth; his first wife was actually Metis, daughter of titans Oceanus and Tethys (and Athena’s mother, that he swallowed to prevent a prophecy; not sure this is mentioned much in my series) and his second was Themis! He’s father of Persephone (with Demeter) and of the Muses (the Olympian Muses, not to be confused with some others mentioned in mythology; with Mnemosyne). He’s the current reigning monarch, and the longest (called the “final” in mythology, after having fought for his place during the Titanomachy, and then the Gigantomachy). Has many children, but most of them live elsewhere. I’ve chosen to make him currently faithful to Hera (too exhausted by her maddening spells & bickering). He consults with the Moirai often, and keeps several titanesses on hand for more advice. Allows Hades and Hecate full access to Olympus as long as they warn him of their arrival first. He’s often portrayed in movies as an older man, sometimes with a belly and a drinking problem (ahem, looking at you, Thor!); I portray him to be somewhere in his 40’s/50’s with a shaggy beard and blue eyes and extremely in shape. Imposing and impressive, but gives a kind, fatherly vibe when in a good mood. He’s temperamental, but respected as the king.


God of love and sex

Son of Aphrodite and Ares, moderately common myth. In some myths he’s a primordial god on Gaia’s level; I went with the lesser common story that he was born of Aphrodite and Ares, and has a twin named Anteros, whose arrows do the opposite of uniting soulmates. I kept his myth/history with Psyche somewhat accurate (she was a mortal, Aphrodite hated her and put her through all sorts of trials, Eros fell for her, Zeus got involved, Psyche was made immortal and married Eros—to make a long story short).


Goddess of the soul

Formerly mortal princess, rendered immortal by Zeus so she could marry Eros. I kept her myth with Eros more or less exactly the same. She’s rumored as hated by Aphrodite, still, but in my series Aphrodite insists this isn’t the case anymore. She’s considered a lesser deity though she’s well loved by all the gods.


Goddess of spring; queen of the Underworld

Daughter of Zeus and Demeter, common myth. I kept up her myth of being abducted by Hades, etc; and she’s no longer resentful towards him. I also went with a less commonly known myth about her daughter, Melinoe, who isn’t Hades’ daughter, but instead the result of a rape by another god (she and Hades agreed to not talk about it). She’s not a huge fan of being in the Underworld, and often misses her mother. Very close to Hecate.


Goddess of motherhood

Daughter of Coeus and Phoebe, common myth. Mother of Apollo and Artemis (with Zeus), common myth. I don’t mention it in the series, but I followed the myth of how Hera made her births nearly impossible (so it’s implied she and Hera aren’t quite buddies). She resides in Olympus and is close to her titaness mother & aunts. Very protective of her children.


Goddess of bright intellect and prophecy

Titaness, daughter of Gaia and Uranus, common myth. Mother of Leto and Asteria, grandmother of Apollo, Artemis, and Hecate, common myths. I followed the myth that her husband/brother Coeus participated in the Titanomachy (titans trying to overthrow Zeus) and is imprisoned in Tartarus. She’s a free titaness who’s often found in Olympus. Unknown how she feels about her husband being locked up. Quiet, keeps to herself mostly.


Goddess of divine law and order

Titaness, daughter of Gaia and Uranus, common myth. Mother of the Moirai (the Fates), Zeus’ trusted advisors, common myth. I also went with the myth that she was Zeus’ second wife, but she’s not on bad terms with Hera, his current wife (they’re actually friends). Works closely with Athena, whose mother was Zeus’ first wife, according to many myths.


Though in mythology, it’s said the gods all have their own palaces/homes, I chose to make them all live at the Olympus palace, where Zeus could “keep an eye on them”. To be honest—I only knew about their separate residences as I started writing book three! I had to figure some way to continue my tale without going back and changing all the books, so this was the solution!

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