Ghost Portal

Ghosts. Demons.

Do you believe in them? Do you think they exist? Have you encountered them, heard of them, documented proof of their existence? You may think you know, but are you sure? Do you TRULY understand what happens after someone dies?

Jessamine Spencer didn’t believe in much until a traumatizing experience shambled everything she thought she knew about life in general. Now she’s stuck with memories she struggles to hide and she can’t trust anyone: she’ll be forever haunted.

Avery Boomer is a paranormal expert and has his own TV show: he definitely believes in many things, especially ghosts, and he constantly seeks more proof to show the world. But after meeting Jessamine and understanding what she went through, he’s not so sure what he believes in anymore.

Join Jessamine and Avery as they discover secrets they weren’t meant to, meet creatures that were supposed to remain hidden, and in the process start a war they probably shouldn’t play a part in.

Ghost Portal is part of a three book series.

Ghost Portal is actually the first book I ever wrote entirely! And its two sequels, which progressively get weirder…

It came to me during a time of binge-watching Supernatural and Ghost Adventures, and wanting to write my own version of a haunting—with some seriously weird twists.

Originally, I’d been wanting to write a book about a dancer (for several years I was obsessed with a French YA series about a ballerina and her struggles, and was desperate to write a dancing series too—needless to say, I failed) and slowly saw myself adding paranormal elements to her story… until I caved and decided the whole thing would center on ghosts, demons, and… ???? (NOPE, can’t spoil anything for you).

Main characters:

Jessamine Spencer, a mid-twenties dance teacher, who lives in a small apartment above a dance studio she inherited from a distant relative. She experienced troublesome college years followed by a traumatizing incident that forced her into isolation, though she’s hounded by local reporters year after year to spill the beans about “that” time she… uh… was locked in a haunted house. My inspiration for her was a mix of things, but I did draw from my personality (though I certainly don’t dance as well as she does!)

Avery Boomer, a late-twenties paranormal investigator—think Dean Winchester meets Zak Bagans—who lives life on the edge and doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks about him. He discovers Jessamine’s story, becomes obsessed, and… he basically took over the entire series once I started writing him. Most people tend to despise him in the beginning, I’ll admit; but to be honest, he’s one of my favorite characters out of all my series.

Jamie, Avery’s best friend, who tries to be the voice of reason but often fails. He’s technically not a main character, but he’s important to the story, especially in Avery’s chapters.

Other characters pop up later on, but speaking of them would spoil some of my favorite moments, so… my lips are sealed.

The first book, Ghost Portal, is in third-person past-tense, switching between Jessamine and Avery’s POV’s, with a few “unknown” POV’s here and there. In books two and three, other characters have POV’s too, but Jessamine and Avery are still the main characters.

This series… is my pride. The first I finished, the first I gave up on, the first I brought back to life and perfected… and also the first I posted on Wattpad!

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