I didn’t get too detailed on these—and trust me, I can get way too deep into this stuff, haha—but here are two trees I’ve confectioned for your viewing pleasure, if you’re interested in who is related to who and how/why! (then again, in Greek mythology, they’re ALL related somehow…)


Gaia, as explained in another section, is a primordial goddess of the earth, and has immense power. She’s had a multitude of children with various partners (and a few that she birthed on her own or simply “created” because she felt like it) so it was difficult to put all of this into one chart. I’ve concentrated on the most important children she’s had, and that are more relevant to the story I’m trying to tell.

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This chart was, for the most part, easier to make! I left out most of Zeus’ offspring (I’d need like fifty pages for that) and Poseidon’s (also a long list, but none of his kids are in the story) and tried my best to condense things to make them clearer.

Made with Canva ♥

I may, in the future, add specific charts for main characters like Aphrodite & Hera, who have several children mentioned in the series. And if anyone asks, sure, I can make one for Zeus but that might take FOREVER (not that I don’t have the research, because I do, but putting all the notes together on one page… phew!)

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