Feedback & Content

Hi everyone.

For my first post here, I wanted to ask a few questions about content. What is it you’d like to see posted here, on this website?

  • snippets of upcoming works
  • short-stories based on side characters and possibly main characters (this would be mostly from the Golden Series, as I have many, many ideas)
  • writing tips (not that I find myself qualified enough to give any)
  • interviews (you ask the questions, I’ll answer them!)
  • random inspiration
  • other: please specify
  • all of the above?

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas you might have! As of right now, the snippets & short-stories are the highest on my priority list, as I’m working on book five of the Golden Series & charting all of the events in the previous books (yes, I never stop working).

Ta-ta for now! ♥