If you were wondering about specific world-building details about the world of EFURA, look no further! Below are some of the characteristics of this realm. Please feel free to ask questions or ask for more details regarding certain passages!

IN EFURA, magic is “normal” and prominent, and more or less always has been. Though some are afraid of it, it’s part of the world and its culture. Magic can be found in the smallest of places — a flickering light in an isolated inn at the edge of town — or in the largest — fueling the prettiest of lights in Acewood’s throne-room. It’s less common to not find magic. It’s worth noting also that almost every inhabitant of Efura has some small dose of magical blood — many Efurans descend from the original mages who were born in the beginning of Efuran times! Even if these folk can’t wield magic, it’s definitely in them.

THOUGH THERE have been rebellions and wars in Efura, its population is, for the most part, calm and open-minded. Some areas (not mentioned in the series) might be prone to disarray, but most places are peaceful and prosperous.

CONTRARY TO other lands/realms, it’s not necessary for a bride/groom to be intact upon marriage. In fact, most men prefer to marry a woman who has had some level of experience before coming to him! Now, it’s not necessarily well-seen to sleep around, but it’s not uncommon to not be a virgin at the time of getting married, and most men/women don’t make a fuss about this.

SPEAKING OF marriage and relationships — same sex unions are widely accepted in Efura, with some exceptions (sadly, not everyone is on board, but it’s much more accepted and considered normal in a majority of places).

CROSS-BREEDING (=the act of one “race” reproducing with another) is only recommended for mages and humans; it’s otherwise not advised (not illegal, but frowned upon: for example, a mermaid shouldn’t couple with anything other than another mermaid, as results can bring on monstruous creatures and consequences!)

THERE IS no dominant sex in Efura. Though most of the time we see men at the head of a family, it’s perfectly possible for a woman to lead, to rule, and to inherit a title; and not only if they’re the eldest and/or have no male siblings! It’s the parent’s choice who to declare as their immediate heir, regardless of sex. Of course, there are some in Efura who disagree with this and think men are the superior sex; luckily, though, these folk are few and far between.

NOBLES AND non-nobles do mingle in social circles, but not often. Non-nobles tend to be overly judgmental of those with money, and some nobles do look down on those with lesser means/notoriety.

THERE IS poverty in Efura, but mostly located on the outskirts of bigger towns, or centralized in smaller villages that can’t quite reach Acewood, and where the mages can’t spread the full extent of their magic to.

THERE ARE various modes of transportation in Efura:
• CARRIAGE: most common way to get around; shapes and sizes vary depending on area, level of wealth, speed of travel. Some folk with more money to spend have access to the flying variety of carriages that are renowned from Diamond Valley (as seen in the books)
• WAGON: mostly seen in smaller towns and used by those who can’t quite afford a carriage; still a sturdy means of transport, pulled by horses, donkeys, or clubbers.
• HORSE: a very common mode of transportation, used by all levels of wealth; most used for faster travel in smaller groups
• CLUBBER: a creature originated/bred in Club Fields (see section on CREATURES & SPECIALTIES for more details) & mostly used in that area, though they have been known to herd over to other parts of Efura
• DONKEY: most common in poorer areas; some pull wagons, some are ridden by their owners.
• ON FOOT: a surprisingly common choice for many folk going short distances; Efurans love walking! Regardless of income level, some might opt for a brisk walk over a stuffy carriage ride.

TYPES OF housing:
• SMALL CABINS: mostly found in Hartland & eastern areas; not only used by the poor, many celibate men live in these too
• SHACKS: found everywhere; mostly poorer folk
• ONE-ROOM HOUSES: found everywhere; lower class
• TREE-HOUSES: found in the Hartland area; various levels of income & size
• FLOATING HOMES: found in Spade Island and southern territories; various levels of income & size
• SMALL HOUSES (1-2 bedrooms): found everywhere; lower/middle class
• HUTS: found in forests and/or in secluded/hidden areas; mainly where mages hide/camp out, very difficult to reach them as most of them are in enchanted areas
• “REGULAR” HOUSES (2-3 bedrooms): found everywhere; middle class
• LARGE HOUSES (4+ bedrooms): found everywhere; middle class/lower nobility
• MANSIONS: found usually at town extremities, far from hustle & bustle; mid-nobility, high-ranking officers, some mages, wealthy merchants
• DOMAINS: found on outskirts of towns; mostly produce/farmers, various levels of income/class
• PALACES: found on outskirts of towns; higher nobility, highest ranking officers of army
• CASTLES: only five (that we know of), Club Castle, Diamond Castle, Spade Castle, Hartland Castle, and Acewood Castle; for royalty and/or Aces


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