Teodric — a prince, soon-to-be-king, who stumbles upon a long-lost legend about traveling through mirrors. On the eve of his coronation, he tests the legend out… and ends up in a whole new world of colorful characters—including a purple-eyed jester who has the potential to steal his heart.


Ysac — a jack-of-all-trades (or a Wild Card, if you will) who is on a mission to bring the estranged queens back to the capital, for a vote to decide who is the true ruler. But Teodric’s arrival puts a bit of a stop to his plans—and not only because he’s insanely attracted to him!


Gwenore — Queen of Club Fields, fiercely anti-magic, eldest daughter of King Hendry
Astrida — Queen of Diamond Valley, a jealous but exquisite temptress, second daughter of King Hendry
Luned — Queen of Spade Island, an aloof, half-mermaid seductress, third daughter of King Hendry
Tilda — Queen of Hartland, a frivolous, sassy sweetheart, last daughter of King Hendry


Arden — Ace of Spade Island, mage of travel, divine arts, catastrophe prevention, war overseer, also seer & healing master
Otho — Ace of Hartland, mage of prosperity, happiness, self-care, peace, and love
Sym — Ace of Club Fields, mage of fertility & reproduction (animals/crops)
Ossenna — Ace of Diamond Valley, mage of weather & atmosphere, potion master
Jack — Knave of Acewood, soldier/protector, accidentally exchanged places with Teodric
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