Rhea is the mother of the 1st generation of Olympians, and a powerful titaness of fertility & motherhood. Though lately, she’s been more focused on animals and drinking their blood, and having a ravishing hunger for sex. Her cravings lead her home to Olympus, and she starts making quite a mess…


Hera, queen of the skies, has finally found a semi-regular life (now that Zeus has stopped cheating on her left and right), but the events of the past few weeks—her peers being poisoned and turned mad—is too reminiscent of actions she’s taken in the past, and she finds herself in a spotlight she, for once, doesn’t want to be in.


Lukus, FBI agent, is human no more—at least, not fully. He’s brought to Olympus, summoned by Zeus himself, to help Athena uncover the mystery of who has been poisoning the gods… but at the same time, he’s inadvertently approaching a mystery of his own: his true origins.
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