Psyche is a human-turned-goddess, and is known as a docile, sweet-natured deity who loves to spend time with her husband, Eros. But she, like Eros, has been driven mad, and has disappeared. Instead of relaxing in Olympus, she’s been on a killing spree of her own—intoxicating humans into targeting animals and eating their flesh, raw. Bon appétit!


Athena, goddess of wisdom, and favorite daughter of Zeus, has been appointed the lead investigator in Eros’ maddening, and Psyche’s disappearance. But these behaviors puzzle her, and she can’t seem to make a dent in her list of suspects, unsure who to trust… and who might be playing tricks on the other gods.


For his crimes against soulmates, Eros is locked up in the Olympus dungeons; and though he’s thought to have calmed down, the poison that drove him mad is still within him… and it brews, it hungers, it lusts for more violence and blood. It urges him to continue his killing spree—but directly among the gods, this time.
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