A short horror paranormal novel that’ll go where you least expect it to? YES. Meet the characters!


(Made with CANVA)

Kera — a 20-year-old serious student who gets roped into a “wrong place, wrong time” type scenario that’ll change her life forever.
Miles — a 21-year-old guy who’s part of the popular crowd, but not quite like the other popular dudes.
Vick — Miles’ best friend, but quite the opposite of him in terms of personality (= he’s a jerk).
Jessa — from a different school, but known to Miles as their parents do business together. A go-getter who uses her body for advancement.
Mr. Reynolds — the Dean’s assistant at Valence University. A ruthless, secret-keeping man who appears to have no emotions, and enjoys tormenting students.
Patrek — another student who comes off as shy and reserved, but who isn’t one to be stepped on.
Ms. Milla Moreno — a professor from another university who seems to know much more than she lets on.
The ruler — ????



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