These characters are WATTPAD EXCLUSIVE characters; you’ll only find them in my novels on Wattpad.


Duchess of Torrinni
Daughter of Marquess of Valeville; later, lady-in-waiting to Marguerite
Crown Prince of Totresia; later King of Totresia
Prince of Totresia
Queen of Totresia; later Dowager Queen of Totresia
Prince of Totresia
Princess of Totresia
Lady of Avignon; later Queen of Totresia
King of Totresia
Handmaiden to Marguerite
Handmaiden / Lady-in-waiting to Clémentine
Director of the Totresian Royal Academy for Noble Girls; later Assistant Director
Daughter of the Vidame of Limesdale
Daughter of the Count of Rosford
Daughter of the Marquess of Trecuse
Daughter of the Count of Belnau
Daughter of the Viscount of Malaros
Son of the Marquess of Valeville
King of Giroma
Duke of Terter (in Giroma)
Dowager Queen of Giroma
Duke of Spestein (in Giroma)
Private soldier of King Antoine
Lady-in-waiting to Pauline; later lady-in-waiting to Marguerite
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