An angry god on the hunt for his wife, who has disappeared — but he suspects she was kidnapped by another god. In his rage, he causes his charges (= soulmates) to devour each other’s hearts, leaving bloody crime scenes in his wake… which he hopes will attract the attention of the gods.


An FBI agent who’s had his fair share of creepy cases — but this one he’s been investigating is like nothing he’s ever seen before. A culprit causing its victims to eat each other’s hearts?! This makes no sense, and Lukus doesn’t believe in the occult; he’s certain there’s a logical explanation to this case, and he’ll stop at nothing to find it.


The goddess of love is informed that her son, Eros, has left Olympus and has been on a bloody killing spree on earth. The gods feel it’s her responsibility, as his mother, to figure out why he’s gone rogue. But to do this, she must pose as a human—and without her powers—to help the lead FBI agent who is on Eros’ case. Problem is: she’s not allowed to reveal her identity, nor to face Eros herself.
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