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Patreon Update

OH, HELLO YOU. If you’re even there. I wanted to inform my viewers/subscribers that I’ve set up a Patreon account for some of my works! For now I’m going to focus on my Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, HOME, as it’s mostly edited and it’s a book I’m really eager to share with the world outside of Wattpad. Please, if you wish to support me in my writing journey, consider subscribing. Chapters can be unlocked for $2, $3, or $5. And there’s bonus content in store for those who sign up! I’d really… Read more Patreon Update


Hi folks! Just a quick post to say—I’ve lost my mind & decided to work on TWO projects for NaNo! One is a paranormal horror that combines my sci-fi Home (the whole death & fear of it & after-life aspect) & my paranormal Ghost Portal (the ghost part, duhh). The other is the first spin-off from my GOLDEN series… but I’m not unveiling it yet! I’m excited! Want to be NaNo buddies? Feel free to add me! chica1201. ♥