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TAPAS update

Oh, hello there! Long time no talk! MANY huge things have been going on in my writing life (um, my personal life too, but you’re not here for that) BUT through all that, I decided to set up a TAPAS for my SUITS series! I’m keeping the series *unedited* on Wattpad, and have uploaded the edited versions of WILD CARD and BLACK LADY onto TAPAS. Consider checking them out & subscribing! Doesn’t cost anything, but the more subscribers I get, the more chances I get to make a couple $$$… Read more TAPAS update

Patreon Update

OH, HELLO YOU. If you’re even there. I wanted to inform my viewers/subscribers that I’ve set up a Patreon account for some of my works! For now I’m going to focus on my Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, HOME, as it’s mostly edited and it’s a book I’m really eager to share with the world outside of Wattpad. Please, if you wish to support me in my writing journey, consider subscribing. Chapters can be unlocked for $2, $3, or $5. And there’s bonus content in store for those who sign up! I’d really… Read more Patreon Update


Hi folks! Just a quick post to say—I’ve lost my mind & decided to work on TWO projects for NaNo! One is a paranormal horror that combines my sci-fi Home (the whole death & fear of it & after-life aspect) & my paranormal Ghost Portal (the ghost part, duhh). The other is the first spin-off from my GOLDEN series… but I’m not unveiling it yet! I’m excited! Want to be NaNo buddies? Feel free to add me! chica1201. ♥