Urban Fantasy/Paranormal/Mythology/Horror

Carnivorous Cupid

Eros. Also known as Cupid. Greek god of love and sexual desire.

Sometimes depicted as an adorable, chubby little boy with wings, carrying a bow and arrows, flying around merrily, making everyone fall in love.

That’s not Eros. Not anymore.

Eros is mad. He’s all grown up now. And he’s on a mission to provoke chaos, starting with humans.

Instead of producing love, his arrows now produce hunger.
Actual hunger. Cannibalistic, beastly, monstrous hunger.

Is the world ready for a raging Eros?
Who can stop the angry god of love from eradicating the human race, two soulmates at a time?

Carnivorous Cupid is part of a four book series.

TRIGGER WARNING: gore/cannibalism

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On 04/02/2022, Carnivorous Cupid received an honorable mention in The BookFest Awards, in the “Fiction – Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban” category!!

Oof. This one was several years in the making (in terms of finding the right story to tell) but when it came to writing it… I spat it all out in a month. Yes, a month.

Let me explain. Ever since I saw Percy Jackson and the lightning thief (I didn’t read the books BUT I plan to) I became obsessed with Greek mythology. I started looking up the real myths and writing down all the gods and goddesses and heroes and monsters, etc; and had to write a story about them. But… I never finished my ideas, lost interest, realized none of it made sense. However, certain themes always remained: I wanted comedy, I wanted shock & awe, and I wanted someone in law enforcement or special forces to be involved in the story.

And then I started watching this show called Salem and its theme song, “Cupid Carries a Gun” by Marilyn Manson, would not leave my mind (and it’s not really my style, but boy, I loved it). One day at work, taking a bathroom break, I randomly thought, “wow, how cool would it be to write a book about an evil cupid?”

And… Carnivorous Cupid was born. Why Carnivorous Cupid, you ask? Because it was catchy, raw, and I figured it would draw attention.

Granted, Cupid is technically the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Eros, but… Carnivorous Eros just didn’t work for me.

Written in third-person past-tense, alternating POV’s between the three main characters, this is probably my raunchiest, harshest book of all, and yet… I loved writing it. And I enjoy making the series take darker and more ominous turns with each volume.

Poisonous Psyche

Psyche. Eros’ wife. Once mortal, now a beloved goddess, revered among humans and deities alike.

A beauty in the skies, a proper lady, always willing to lend a hand, give a shoulder to cry on, ears to vent into. Fiercely loyal to her husband, unbelievably proud of her daughter, Hedone.

And she has disappeared.
Hedone, too.

Gone, vanished from Olympus without a trace, no inkling of how they left and why. No note, no apologies, no clue.

But she’s out there, oh yes. Sending deadly fumes into the earthly atmosphere.
Toxic. Dangerous to all living things, hurtful to gods.

Will she ever be found by her loved ones—and stopped?
Who can save her from the whispers in her head and bring her home, to her family?

Poisonous Psyche is part of a four book series—book number two.

TRIGGER WARNING: gore/cannibalism

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Ravenous Rhea

*coming soon*

“Sniff. Sip. Slurp. Swallow.”

Rhea. Mother of Olympians. Goddess of motherhood and female fertility. A deity of comfort, of wisdom, of maturity.

A fierce lioness, Rhea protects her children. She once helped toss her own husband into Tartarus to crown one of her sons king of the skies.

But now, Rhea has succumbed to an evil voice in her head.

She’s on the prowl, hunting her family members, obeying the ominous commands in her mind that tell her to bite, drink, feast, intoxicate.

She lurks about the halls of Olympus, seeking her next godly victim, attracted to the blue ichor running through its veins. And this ichor drives her mad. Parched. Ravenous.

Will any of the gods uncover the truth behind her feedings? And is her famished behavior linked to the culprit controlling the gods via whispers in their ears? Who is out to destroy Olympus?

Ravenous Rhea is part of a four book series—book number three.

TRIGGER WARNING: gore/cannibalism/violence/sex