Carnivorous Cupid

Created on Canva — to capture the bloody essence of this book ♥

Poisonous Psyche

Created on Canva — to capture the poisonous reek of this book ♥

Ravenous Rhea

Created on Canva — to capture the inky, ichor aroma of this book ♥


Lukus — Made by my good friend & fellow author, Vee Lozada ♥
Eros — Made by friend & fellow author M.T. Zimny ♥


These were the first covers—for when I originally posted the story on Wattpad. (Ravenous Rhea was never posted, as I hadn’t written it, but I had made a cover for it.)

These were the next covers — I never could get the Psyche one to match, and it was quite frustrating.

The Carnivorous Cupid one was the original e-book/paperback I put up on Amazon. A handful of people were able to buy it in that form, and I can’t tell you how many failed proofs I had of it 😀 I ended up giving them off to readers in a giveaway. Psyche and Rhea were meant to come next, but then I had a cover artist re-work everything for me…

The final covers (sorry, can’t share book 4 as it’s a spoiler :p) made by my friend/cover artist Stacey Willis ♥ absolutely love them!!

I’ve definitely thought of making new covers myself, using the below backgrounds:

I just can’t figure out the font I’d want to use, and if I want any effects (blood splatter for Cupid, smoke for Psyche, ink for Rhea). Feel free to share your thoughts on these!

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