A collection of songs

Melodies of the Heart

A collection of songs I have written over the years.
An exposition of the paths I’ve taken and the place I’ve arrived.
A revelation of the mountains I’ve climbed to get to where I am today.
They will be raw. They will be shocking. They will be things you never expected to find out about me. Read at your own discretion, and refrain from criticizing.

Melodies of the Heart is ongoing; I add new/old songs to it when I feel I’m ready to share them. Please remember that art is subjective, including song-writing, and be kind when reading! These are songs that mean the world to me and come right from the depths of my dark soul. ♥

Another step in Stephanie’s new life? Sharing her songs.

Look, I’ve been writing songs probably since before I understood how to put real sentences together. I remember trying to mimic the Spice Girls or TLC while scribbling random rhymes on notebooks, lounging on the floor of my Ohio bedroom. I had no idea what I was doing—wait, I still don’t—but it was fun and I loved pretending to be a singer.

Fast-forward a few decades, and here I am, still not a singer (though I’ve been told I can belt out a couple of tunes) and still pretty unsure of my rhymes, but I’m still writing songs. I took a few years off to focus on my novels (and honestly, I just had zero inspiration) but have made a come-back and jotted down a lot of new material.

And suddenly I realized—I never shared this stuff (well, OKAY, I did post some of my older, terrible songs on Facebook back in 2008/2009, but those are no longer public) and feel like it would be a new way to open up and be vulnerable to my readers, friends, and family.

So here is MELODIES OF THE HEART, where I post my songs—dating anywhere from 2008 to 2020—and sometimes explain the meanings behind them. They stem from very real feelings/thoughts, and most of them are written with a specific person in mind. Exes, friends, family, crushes, lost ones, or how I feel about myself—no one/nothing escapes my pen. It’s basically a diary, displaying all my emotions… so please, if you decide to read them, don’t be too harsh.

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