Hi, everyone!

Hope everyone is surviving this insane year, staying healthy, keeping busy, not binge-watching too many shows or pigging out on too many snacks (I feel like I just called myself out… oops).

What have you been doing to stay focused, to not lose your mind, to not let your anxiety take control of this, unfortunately, new way of living?

I, personally, have been lucky enough to work from home, but I try to maintain a routine to keep myself sane. I get up and get dressed (nope, I don’t stay in my pj’s all day) and even—gasp!—put on makeup and do my hair, I eat my prepared meals at the same time & drink the same ridiculous amount of coffee. And I listen to MUSIC, so much music! I also take a lot of long walks on the weekends, and definitely work out (boxing + resistance/bodyweight stuff) to stay *somewhat* in shape.

Also, I’ve taken some risks in my writing, by publishing some of my songs (just lyrics, no music) on Wattpad, and by plotting and writing a Steamy Romance! Trying new things has definitely opened my mind and done wonders for me!

What shows have you all been watching?? I binged so many things that I can’t remember, but please feel free to share your recommendations!

Take care, stay safe, and be kind ♥

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